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chronicle classifieds cromer brothel

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It was too dark to see far. He called to deceased but received no answer. He then went into the water trying to find deceased but was unable to discover him. He did not again see deceased. After xurther evidence, the jury returned a verdict of "rowning. Oliphant reveals a figure of extraordinary innocence, of extraordinary moral beauty, of extraordinary magnetism. She is talking, in the following passage, of the marvellous story of Jeanne: To call it a fairy tale is, however, disrespectful: The Maid of Orleans, the Virgin of Fiance, is the She can neither be classified, as her countrymen love to classify, not traced to any system of evolution as we all attempt to do nowadays.

Sise is the impossible verified and attained. She is the thing in every race, in every form of humanity, w! Jeanne of France is the very flower of this passion of the imagination. She is alto- gether impossible from beginiiing to end of hor, inexi licable, alone, with neither rival nor even F-econd in the one sole ineffable path; yet all true as one of the oaks in her wood, ss one I the flowers in her garden, simple, actual, ma. It gives some interesting glimpses of Irish life.

The poor law, for instance, when Mr. Daunt was youns, was a new insti ution in Ireland, and was intensely unpopular with those whom it was intended to benefit. To advise a beggar to go to the poor- house was regarded as an insult. Writing in , he says: A beggar woman with a baby aska alms at the window. I was in it before, and eleven of my childher did in it. Wht'D the poor law was first introduced a Dublin I beggar-woman whom a gentleman referred to the poor house, said: At a contested ejection in Galway a landlord named Foster sold his whole stor Ii: Having pocketed the money of both, he called the voters together.

I have made the u. Hemphill requested the priest to preach on the sin of trafficking on the franchise, and the priest complied and denounced corrupt t affio in votes as a mortal sin. Next day Hemphill met one of the commoners, and, anxious to learn what effect the sermon had produced on these venal gentlemen, he asked the man whether ho had bern at mass on the previous day.

It was an elegint sermon entirely, your honour. Williams, late of Argyle Chapel, Swansea, is the only survivor in South Wales of the Calvinihtic Methodist minis- ters ordained in He '40'8, and there are only three left in North Wales.

One of the three II Mr. Thomas Gee, of Denbigh. David's w a congratulatory address. A deputation consisting of Messrs. Thomas Gloster's Buildings , P. Law , on Thursday afternoon for the purpose of asking him to afford better warehousing accommoda- tion for the sugar impoits which now come direct from Amsterdam and Rotterdam instead of via Bristol. James Jones, President of the Association, was unable, in consequence of other public engagements, to be present. Law promised that the wishes of the deputation, who also stated that hey were anxious to encourage directs imports to Swansea in this way, should have his closest consideration and that properly partitioned off accommodation in the grain shads should be set apart for the storing of the sugar wllich at present, it appears, is liable, though contained in bags, to become mixed with dust.

On Thursday afternoon Messrs. Wood and I Co. All bands weaie rescued. The father of the Bishop-Designate of St. David's, Principal John Owen, M. A very interesting and pretty, though quiet wedding took place at St. Walter John Dixon, second son of Mr.

The bride was attired in her travelling dress of heliotrope French crepe, the bodice being taste- fully trimmed with velvet and handsome passementerie. She also wore a smart velvet cape en suite," richly trimmed with sable; her hat was of fine black chip, trimmed with Ecru lace, lillies of the valley, and pink roses.

She had as bridesmaid her pretty little neice, Miss Dorothy Margrave, who was dressed in white, with a white hat exquisitely trimmed with baby ribbon and daises.

She, too, carried a miniature bouquet. At the altar the bridegroom was attended by his father. The ceremony and the signing of the register over, the party left the church, to the strains of the" Wedding March" Mendelssohn , played upon the organ by Mr. Hulley, and drove to Pencoed, where breakfast was served.

Later in the day the happy eouple left for London, where the honey- moon is to be spent. The wedding presents were numerous, beautiful and costly. Harold Spender has the following excellent description of Robespierre: As he passed men ran to the windows of the houses to look at him, and women held up their children to gaze.

It would have been difficult not to have been struck by his appearance. In dress and manner he stood out in almost utter distinctness from all others who were passing by. It was the fashion to say t-li. An immaculate cravat supported his chin, and the only sign of the new time was the little cockade in his hat. Here was a man with a will of his own. As hs walked an excited workman would suddenly stop and, waving his hat wildly in the air, ecstatically and almost hysterically shout his name.

At one point in his progress a small body of men collected, and effusively offering themselves as a bodyguard, were only reluctantly persuaded to leave him by his expressed desire to be alone.

He walked leisurely town the quay past the Pont Neuf and the Pont Notre Dame, smiling kindly on some little children who greeted him with infantile huzzas, and bowing courteously in reply to the many greetings of his admirers. There was no sign of ungentleness or brutality about his well- set figure or the sharp features and keen eyes of his small face. The impression left both by his dress and manner was one of extreme self- complacency. But his eyes had in them, now and again, a curious look of dreamy sentimentalism, such as is often seeV in men who wall themselves off from the world by a happy barrier of self- illusion.

For this man waa Maximilian Robes- pierre. Here is a pretty picture from "The Two Altheas: A Home Chronicle" Jarrold. The sunny school-girl at Miss Hortou's boarding- school, just fulfilling her last term; the music master's weekly visits to the prim drawing- room, where the lessons took place under the eye of the Alderly principal; the glances that will shoot fire into the hearts of youth, even under Minerva's very nose; the lessons at the old church, where the young attendant teacher was sometimes bribed or persuaded to withdraw into the avenue for a few precious minutes the eager talks and plans for the future, until the professor's entreaties and prayers had gained their point, and the daring school-girl had effected her escape from thraldom, and flitted away for better or for worse.

What guilty children they had felt when the deed was done, and Miss Horton's messengers had arrived just tr late, and, between laughing and crying, the young bride had displayed her wedding-ring as her only answer! It was so delicious to be her own nlistress- she who had all her life been fettered by other wills! For Althea Wynton and her sister Eva had been left as babies to the charge of their lialf-sistei-s nearly twenty years their seniors, and their high spirits had often smarted under the rigid discipline enforced at Fdmleign; and now that Eva had married Major Annesley two years ago, and had goue away to India, what would life be worth for the younger girl henceforth at home?

So Althea had not thought much about her professor's family, or whether he would be likely to find as much favour at Elmleigh as Major Anneal ay had done. His eyes were eloquent enough for her, and as he warmed with his theme, and asked her if she could be brave enough to endure privation for a few years while he studied hard in Germany, or I samewhe-M I to make for himself and her a name which even the Wynton's would be glad to own, her spirit leaped as high as his own and her fate was settled.

The liabilities are stated to be for debts inonrred on behalf of his son-in-law, Mr. The remaining debts represent a balance of 3s. The debtor has consented to adjudication in bankruptcy. A policeman was arrested at Liverpool to- day, charged with being implicated in a wiU forgery case in connection widi which a solici tor and an msuranco agent and his wife are now under remand, It is stated that sensational evidence will be forthcoming, showing series of feuch.

The owners of Belfast steamship Bangor Head on Saturday received cablegram from New Orleans intima,ting that the veewl had picked up off coast of Florida the new steamship Milwaukee in a disabled condition, and towed her safely to Port Kads, a distance of about seven hundred miles.

He could only bring a few of hit. The Prince Wall quite a boon to ladies chained to the house by the ong spell of wet weather, for he was open to invita- tions to come to luncheon and other meals, the dbum being specially included.

Quite a legion of gossips have a burning interest in the heart of the young Queen of Holland. Its budding affections, mostly imaginary, are chronicled, says the Sun, with a more persistent and delighted art than Spring poets ever gave to the opening buds of the season.

The latest tidings are that a handsome Etonian, the youthful son of a well- taown member of the English aristocracy, fell passionately in love with Queen Wilhelmina on the occasion of her late visit here. The young Queen i. And we could do with. Prince Christian Victor of PcVeswig-Holstein remains at Aadershot with the 4th Battalion King's Royal Rifles on his recent promotion, greatly to the satisfaction of all ranks, by whom he is much esteemed for the thoroughness with which he throws himself into every military duty.

Captain Hedworth Lambton a brother of Lord Durham , who has been for some months private secretary to the First Lord of the Admiralty, is about to resume his sea service, and has been appointed to the command of the Terrible, which received such universal commendation when seen with the fleet last August at Spithead, as being one of the finest specimens ailoal of modem unl architecture.

Dmidas, the late Consul-General at Hamiiurg, on leaving that city for Christianta, was presented by the 15 Vice-Consuls with a silver centre-piece, as a token of their esteem. Be was also entertained at dinner by the British Club, of which he was president, and on that occasion was presented with a silver salver and stand and a walking-stick.

Many members of the Diet and citisens joined in presenting to him an interest? During the last 11 years Mr. Duiiuas has laboured unceasingly in the advancement of British interests and trade at Hair, burg, and throughout the extended Consular distric under his charge. He has also won the high rega. Mr Dundas is heir-apparent to his brother, the presem Viscount Melville, who has onlv two daughters. Tht Marquis of Tweeddale has not resigned the office, to which he was appointed last year; A pretty story is told of Princess Henry of Batten- berg when at Hyeres with the Queen some time ago.

I hau beard says the narrator that the Queen hac been to visit the Creche, and I asked the matron of the Criche ii it were true the Queen had been there. One had stepped on the front of her coming up the street, and rent the hem. I mender it with a thread just for the moment. I asked if the amiable lady had left no name. No title, nor even 'Madame,' put before it. A dash- scarcely more. But the matron stoutly denieo that she with the kind smile and soft voice could be the Queen of England's daughtar.

You should have seen her with the children. She spoke and played with them. H, thanked his fellow-Acsdfmicians with bitter polity necs for their opinions, which, lie said, ware the wore valuable because they were totally unbiassed. The death is announced of Mr. Pollock, the well-known 3urgeon. Pollock held for many years. Pollock was elected in the president of the Royal Medical and Cbirurgical Society.

In few parts of the Empire would a similar career to lha; of Mr. Escornbe, the new Premier of Natal, be possible. A Londoner, of Jewish extraction. Fcotrhe says the Lced. He was unsuccess- ful, and at his examination in bankruptcy a lawyer badgered him closely regarding the deficiency ii. The latt e; asserted that he was casftlesa, and that tc resume business was impossible.

His creditors were paid, he became one of the representatives for Durban in the Legislative Council, and on the adoption of responsible government in the colony was made Attorney. He drove from Piccadilly to some place in the suburbs, outside the radius.

On getting down, he tendered to the driver three shillings and sixpence, which was a little over the propei fare. The man, however, wanted are shillings. We'll have the fight in the back garden. My brother will look 00, hold the stakes, and see fail The cabman got down slowly, as if he did not quite care about it after all. He followed into the back garden, where tberp was a lovely little bit 6f green turf, quite large enough for practical pur- poses, Mr.

I know your tricks, fcoUl ot i'" btU. After holding sevsraJ high r diplomatic appointment's in Europe, including one in London, he retained to Teheran in , I audi was made Minister of Justice.

Ruskin, who is noted lur euch unintelligible titles as Fors Clavi- ft'era" and Sesame Lilios," issue! The Diversions of Purley," at the time of its publication, was ordered by a Tillage book-club under the impiession tiiab ib was a book of amusing games. The Essay on Irish Bulls" was another work which was thought by some folk to deal with live stock. Coleridge's "Ancient Mariner" was sold largely to seafaring men, who concluded ferom the name that.

Coleridge himself says "Jt is somewhat eiugular that Lbe name of another and larger book of Mr. Wordsworth s thould also owe its circulation to a misconcep- tion of the title. It has been my fortune to have tneb with The Excursion at a great number c-f "m8 and boarding houses in picturesque ,r.

A minister, travel- ling where the rond was diflScuIt to find, re- quested a man by the wayside to direct bim, paining the place where lie wanted to go. There, at I ho cto-a ioa ls, you will see It minister who will direct you to the left a Couple of miles, and here, at the fork of the Toad. Elwes, the Celebrated miser, had a great deal of propelty In London. When he came to town, he was in the habit of occupying one or other of his houses tliftb ohanced to be vacant.

His only attendant Was a puor, wretched old woman and with her, and two bods, two chairs, and a table, he would leave, at a moment's notice, if the house he was In found a tenant. On one occasion, his nephew, Colonel Timms, who had been informed Litab 4ais uncle was in London, hud much difficulty In finding him oub.

At length he was informed that an old Minn answering the description of tdr. Elwes, had bean seen ojtening the door of a stable, and locking it after him. Colonel Timms proceeded to the spot, and had thedaor forced open. Elwes was found on all old pallet bed, apparently in the agonies of death. Restoratives were ad mi u is- lered, and he recovered. He said that an old Woman, his attondanb, had not been near him he supposed she was gone avay.

But the poor ivld creature, probably the victim of cold and Want, was found helpless on a rug, in another eompaitmenb. Thus died the servant of Mr. A young lady went to ititn for a oourse of finishing-elf lessons, el Let's see what. Take off your rings," ltIliJ the great man. A low bars more and another interruption, "Take fiiryour bracelets.

I watib to see your wrista," The pupil pinned up her sleeves with a face on fire. At last she sno- eeoied in finishing the selection, "Do you watib me to teach yon? Jerrold," Crfehton paid Jerrold, I'm not up in his history. Jerrotd and I'll tell you for why, I've ffot a splendid uniform, as good as new, for llilfl trfeeUy liplentli.

It has been disputed in which class he stands higher; but as his mastery. The more spiritual he was, the higher he rose, and highest of all in his Dante pictures, where every accessory and detail aids in producing the impression of almost super- natural pathos and purity.

More earthly emotion is at the same time expressed with extraor- dinary force in his Cassandra" and other pro- ductions and even when he is little else than the colourist, his colour is poetry. The same versatility is conspicuous in his poems, the searing passion of "Sister Helen" or the breath- less agitation of "The King's Tragedy being not more masterly in their way than the intricate cadences and lingering dalliance with thought of "Tiie Portrait" and "The Stream's Secret," the stately magnificence of the best sonnets, and the intensity of some of the minor lyrics.

Every- where he is daringly original, intensely pas- sionate, and "of imagination all compact. Than him young poets can find few better inspirers, and few worse models. His total indifference to the political and religious struggles of his agtt, if it limited his influence, had at all events the good effect of eliminating all unpoetical elements from his verse.

Notwithstanding this defect, he must be placed very high on the roll of English poets. These men valued life at a small price. Eighteen thousand lives were sacrificed at least.

On the bar ks of the Carple Burn, which discharges itself into the Nitli, the Covenanters often found shelter in the overhanging bank. This became known to a sergeant of a company of dragoons, and search was to be made next day. One of the dragoons knew where a man was hiding, and, detaching himself from tiss rest the evening before the search, went to where this man lay.

The dragoons found everything but Covenanters in that glen. Some of them were nearly captured, but escaped. In a farm-house near Eliock, several of the bill-folk were enjoying a good breakfast, kindly provided by tha generous j farmer. As tiiev sat at food a company of dragoons rode up to the door. Run into the barn and bide among the corn sheaves,' cried the farmer; at the same time hiding everything that would create suspicion.

I te hear you have some good stuff to sell. Yes, 'tis better this year than others. The Covenanters lay in terrible fear as they beard the dragoons enter the barn. The farmer soon spoke in such a manner that they knew then was little danger if they only kept quiet. They were exceedingly glad to hear the corpoml Fay: I tLink we have enough now. She sped down the passage, past the front rooms, and waited in deep thought outside the half open kitchejQ door. Toe kitchen itself was a place to draw a man's heart back from any of the four quarters of the world.

Nothing looked inappropriate, yet there were many articles not usually seen in a farmhouse kiteLafv. In her earlier married life Mrs. Sexton had insisted on daily occupying one af the front rooms. But the pabsage of years and work's weariness bad changed her view of the reqroire- ments of respectability, and she was satisfied now to sit there on Sunday and on baking-days, when the roar and glow of the great fire made the house-place intolerable.

Being the woman she was, she had impressed lierself and her fine taste upon the kitchen. Joan's piano stood between the chimney anu the tow, wide wiadow, whose thin panes, varying from clear white and faint yellow to grey, gave you a d i.

Upon tire carved settle on the opposite side, cushioned with rich chintz, its panelled back reaching irtne than half-way to the ceiling, lay folded a uartn-lined piece of lovely old brocade of the days of spinets and powrlewd hair. The mahogany cupboard against the right-hand wall, with its bevelled glass doors, its shallow drawers and hanging haiidles of brass, held amongst the ordinary I iiotf,? Though the best furniture trained scrupulously poiisbed in a front room, a few odd ciiairs of exquisite riesigTi had strayed down from 1: Seaton from the rest of the howo.

On the window-seat, -riat, pots of pink gi-raiiiui i ami lemon-scented a grew under a hsngiag garden of mothe-of-Uxxisatads. A bowl of roses, and axuofcber of pinim raxi lavender, sweotsned the air about the o. This ptoas was dear to the bsart of the mi 'stress; it had beeaa part of her grand- father's j nrtion Viben she left Therste'ae, aiid was a m.

J By Mary Beanmont.

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LOCAL HOOK UP SITES CRAIGSLIST MEN SEEKING MEN Thomas Gloster's BuildingsP. Soma Vida, Rosewood, Elwes, the Celebrated miser, had a great deal of propelty In London. Latino CIA operative Tony Mendez Affleck has been called in to help six American embassy employees who managed to escape when their compound in Iran was taken over by Islamic fundamentalists on Nov. Magnolia Cafe Lake Austin Blvd. It was produced by Echols and his defense team, from the per- spective of death chronicle classifieds cromer brothel. This photo was taken at the formal dedication of the Ann w.

The actual and potential harm of use of the drug is not great enough to justify intrusion by the criminal law into private behavior. Pierre says he has no doubt any future commission would reach at least the same conclusions as those who have come before. And offering Obama the commission route would essentially buy Colorado and Washington - and any other state readying for the ballot - the time needed to make it that much more difficult to put the genie back into the bottle.

To Kampia, the time for tiptoeing around with commissions and studies is over. The best way for the feds to proceed, he said, is simply to take action to legalize marijuana.

He notes that the recommen- dations of the Shafer Commission were completely ignored - instead the feds have spent more than 40 years pursuing mari- juana users in exactly the fashion the Commission said was unwarranted.

Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, has said that there will be dis- cussion of marijuana in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which he chairs, even though no bills on the topic have yet been filed in the Senate, Kampia notes.

Either way, says St. Pierre, time is on the side of reformers. The Service You Deserve! As the world is changing, classical music is changing, too, redefining its role in our time. Its musi- cians are becoming much more vigorous and aggressive in rally- ing enthusiasm for their chosen art form, to the point of taking their music where their audience is instead of always waiting for the audience to come to them.

So stop the presses! The Butler School of Music is at the forefront of preparing students for these new challenges of audience-building through community engage- ment. It creates opportunities for students enrolled in chamber music to participate in a range of unconven- tional performances that bring classical music to new audiences. Evan Leslie, the community outreach coordinator for the school, crafts a wide variety of these: Originally conceived for University of Texas professional staff, these concerts provide a peaceful alternative to the blood-boiling standstill of an commute home.

While engagement is the primary goal, Leslie does not underes- timate his audience. We are presenting the music that the musicians are most passionate about, without any compromises. It may go without saying that the tonal landscape of the piece is disturbing, even disconcerting. In spite of this, it was easily the most moving performance of this powerful piece that I have played.

Several people came to me afterward to talk about how much the piece had touched them - one was in tears. Without the conventions of the concert format, audiences let their guards down and are often more open to works that might be otherwise challenging and unfamiliar. For more information, call or visit www. All you need to supply are a photo ID, Social Security card, documentation of income, and any documentation of expenses from your creative career.

To make the poring over of s and receipts a little more festive, the Creative Alliance will supply live music. For more information about Foundation Communities and its free tax services, visit www. As in the past, artists sign up for a minute consulta- tion, during which they can ask questions relat- ed to such topics as contracts, copyrights, trade- marks, and intellectual property; receive assis- tance in completing intake paperwork; and learn if any unresolved legal matters might be eligible for further counsel at no charge.

Contact that address for questions. The two worlds come together wonderfully as as the Jeans N' Classics Band pays tribute to some of the finest classic material from the band that defined hard rock. Masterclass' gives us all a lesson in the power of the photographic portrait Above: In the 20th century, the two masters of photographic portraiture were Richard Avedon and Arnold Newman.

Avedon stuck to the studio, photographing his subjects under controlled conditions against clinical white back- grounds. His por- traits of artists, scientists, composers, businessmen - even a notable war criminal - studded Life, Holiday, Look, and other mid-century magazines.

His Picasso - hand pressed to face, one eye in shadow - is iconic. His grainy, disheveled Marilyn Monroe is heartbreaking. Curated by William Ewing for the Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography, this is the first Newman retro- spective since his death in at Newman studied painting at the University of Miami, but money problems forced him out of art school and into his first real job: It was a tough, purely commerce- oriented apprenticeship.

His love for painting, especially abstract expressionism, was now expressed through abstracted photos of buildings and landscapes.

Although Newman ran a Miami portrait studio from 41, he made frequent trips to New York to take photos of those same contemporary artists in their studios, merging portrait photography with his more abstract building and landscape photos. He was equally bold in the darkroom, and with permission from the highest authority: Take what is arguably his most iconic image, his por- trait of Igor Stravinsky.

The composer sits behind a black grand piano, face propped against his hand. The curving black piano lid towers over him like an enormous, back- slanting musical flat. The photo is radically cropped, so that the piano is only a thick black line at the bottom of the frame, and Stravinsky himself a small figure at the bottom left, whose tiny angled elbow mimics the enormous, angled lid.

The photo consists mostly of a vast, deep blackness, broken by three ovoid lights that float near the top of the frame like flying saucers in deep space. The high-energy American choreographer Jerome Robbins splays forward on a stool, limbs spread in all directions, while the classical British chore- ographer Frederick Ashton is framed as a single vertical line, standing straight beneath a column of black cloth, only his angled umbrella providing witty relief to the perpendicularity.

The picture was about them. Newman was a Jew and a strong supporter of Israel. In , at the dedication of the Anne Frank house, Newman photographed Otto Frank in the attic where he had lived with the wife and daughters who died in the camps.

Frank is pictured in profile, in half-darkness; he leans against a wooden post, head down, fist loosely clenched. It is a portrait of exhausted, unassuageable grief. In , Newsweek commissioned Newman to photo- graph Alfried Krupp, the German industrialist who spent three years in prison as a war criminal for using Jewish slave labor in his factories.

Newman reluctantly agreed, but he kept looking for the shot that would express his abhorrence. That is the dramatic, dis- turbing shot Newman chose. Examples of his precise instructions, scribbled in red on contact sheets throughout the exhibit, are fascinating and telling. But it also uses HRC archival material to turn view- ers into learners. Why did he choose this pose for his final print?

Is it the pose I would have chosen? You may be surprised at how this exhibit changes the way you frame your iPhone photos, makes you think about the lines and shadows behind the birthday girl in the family pic. Even amateurs can learn a lot from a master class. There is no greater freedom. The Fifty Shades Parody is the hilarious new musical that brings all the naughty fun of the best-selling book to life. Your inner goddess will be laughing out loud with this new imagining of the characters as they come to life with sharp- witted comedy, musical numbers, steamy and fun performances from the hunky leading man, plus lots of surprises!

Grab your girlfriends and don't miss the funniest and most exciting girls' night out of the year! Recommended for adult audiences. Sublime silliness still reigns! Yes, it was a play, and everyone at the Next Stage in the Austin Convention Center on Sunday knew it was a play, but up to the point that Clayton and his associate, Dr.

The replay of a double murder in the office building on the convention center site in came from three actors in period garb who just stepped out from behind the curtain ringing the space and onto the stage - an entrance so conspicuous that it dissolved the illusion of some fantastic vision. Clayton such verisimilitude worked against the rest of the dramatic presentation.

But then this techno-noir managed to accom- plish another neat trick - a bit of theatrical won- der achieved, fittingly for the setting, through technology. Hamner - a concerned Robert Matney - invited audience members to scan QR codes linked to the objects holding the resonant ener- gies and help him discern what had occurred.

Suddenly, people were holding smartphones to screens, reading messages and watching videos, and even sharing their discoveries with one another.

What had been a self-contained theatre piece became a mystery spread across cyberspace that a group of strangers worked to solve collectively. Monroe , www. March 5 These days, I try to stay in on school nights, but when a ballet company the caliber of the Joffrey Ballet beckons, I am powerless to resist. The company, founded by Robert Joffrey with the chore- ographer Gerald Arpino in New York City in , has existed in almost continuous iterations, building a reputation as a truly American, bootstrap ballet company that is as invested in remounting historical works, like The Rite of Spring, as in commissioning avant-garde ballets set to rock music.

Reconstructing choreography is impos- sible! The music was performed differently! There were only nine performances! The ballet scenario - a maiden sacrifice in a primitive, unyielding society - danced by flat-footed villagers whose relent- lessly constrained and repetitive move- ments and costuming seem, at times, as clownlike as they are primitive, is a downer.

In the first section, three couples in gradient-blue leotards and tights dance furiously. Danced by the lithe, supple Victoria Jaiani and stately-yet-attentive Fabrice Calmels, it was the kind of thing that makes you soften your gaze and lean forward in your seat.

In barely-there costumes and soft ballet slippers, under warm peach lighting, their tender duet was both sweetly ideal and human. In many ways, it was the opposite of Rite of Spring. Davis uses acrylics, graphite, and charcoal for her series of scenes on panels, scenes as dreamlike as their colors are muted - and their colors are beautifully muted, present- ing various animals and children in strange tableaux.

This is painterly and paint-amplified collage, intricately arranged, of figures and situations bolder and more nightmarish than the dreamy tones of the Davis paintings on the nearby walls. And then there are the creations of Kimber, whose ink-lined and ink-washed illus- trations are akin to things created by some slightly less fey but equally talented sister of Arthur Rackham - and enhanced by precise additions of fabric and other materials.

Find the nearest happy hour any time. Take a load off from your poster perusing to hear acoustic second plays from your favorite artists at the newest SXSW day stage! For more info about exhibitions and public programs visit amoa-arthouse. AMOA-Arthouse is funded in part by museum trustees, members, and patrons.

Additional support is provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, which believes that a great nation deserves great art. Visit Austin at NowPlayingAustin. I called my sister Margaret, who pulls the whole circus togeth- er every year, trying to sniff out the details. Margaret told me that she first met the Peterson Brothers when they were 9 and 11 years old.

I always keep an eye out for the dreamy-voiced Raul Malo of the Mavericks , and he will be appearing tonight, sitting in with the Trishas. My personal favorite tonight? This powerfully mul- titalented artist will be making his first appearance at the awards this year; the first of many to come, I predict. One of the most exciting aspects of the AMAs is the element of surprise as Margaret always manages to have an appearance by some major star.

Though it may not always be pos- sible to pull a Bruce Springsteen out of her hat like she did last year, suffice to say that the surprise guest tonight is a major star across the globe and counts music among his many accomplishments.

Write to our Style Avatar with your related events , news, and hautey bits: I highly recommend MedSavers www. Since , this locally owned and operated pharmacy has one simple principle: Relying only on word-of-mouth advertising, the service at MedSavers is extraordinary, and exemplifies exactly how locally owned businesses should treat their customers.

Spend the day camped in a field surrounded by hundreds of queers, have drinks and food and dance into the night. See our sister column, Gay Place, p. Keep an eye on the Gay Place blog for updates.

Mon-Tue Buy one haircuit, get one for a friend! We buy only select crawfish that means the best of the catch. We season our boil with a special blend of seasonings and soak them for up to 20 minutes so the flavor permeates deep into the crawfish.

We cook them up with corn and potatoes for that true Cajun experience. Kerr More and more restaurants and bars are getting into the game of St. Some have the best of intentions and an honest desire to throw a big Irish party. Others are just trying to sell green beer; not that we have anything against green beer, other than it tastes like it looks. Here we have an alphabetical listing of places with big hearts and a love of the Irish soul.

These are places that pour Imperial pints, know the proper temperature for their beers, and probably have more whiskeys than just Jameson God bless its soul! This may be your best outpost that far north. Sixth; is always a fun place for St.

A great beer list, honest Irish and British food, and a celebrated Austin vibe all lead to one of the best deals in town. And admission is free! Irish whiskeys and Guinness will be on sale. Fourth; throws the biggest St. They start at 9am with breakfast and go until late.

This is one place you better wear green or diabolical things will happen to you. The Ginger Man Lavaca; will have music from pm, and the Guinness will be flowing. All will have music from noon- MoPac; buy tickets online at www.

Eastside Cafe , Manor Rd. RSVP at Do for this free party. Springdale Farm, Springdale. They have been soliciting short, two- to three-minute pitch videos from local entre- preneurs, and the deadline is March Teams of three can enter three bottles of the same New Zealand white wine, and if your wine is chosen as one of the top four during the tasting, you go home with cases of wine!

More info and tickets online. Mercury Hall, Cardinal Ln. Over the past year, I final- ly got a smartphone, learned how to text, and began to make use of a Twitter handle. The Food staff has also greatly increased the content and traffic on our On the Range blog. Social media entrepreneur Babette Pepaj of BakeSpace. Spending the afternoon at the blogger confer- ence, I also picked up some tidbits of local food news. Steve Williams of Chameleon Cold-Brew was there pouring samples of his two new cold- brewed coffee toddy flavors, Earthy Coffee and Wilder Coffee, made from South American and African coffee beans, respectively.

As an iced coffee fan, I drank too much and was wide awake until the wee hours. Award-winning local pastry maven Tracy Claros of the Sticky Toffee Pudding Company was also on hand with new product samples, sharing bites of three new bars she plans to enter in the pastry competi- tion category at the Fancy Food Show later this year: Foodways Texas Executive Director Marvin Bendele was there, and we discussed desserts for the upcoming symposium, Our Barbecue, Ourselves, which takes place at various locations around Austin, April They could also make sure you leave their city having had as authen- tic a culinary experience as possible.

My vote for the best chicken-fried steak in town. Broken Spoke S. Lamar Every respectable Texas honky-tonk serves chicken- fried steak.

As usual, the legendary Spoke does not disappoint. Green Mesquite Barton Springs Rd. A sleeper on the list, this Barton Springs joint known for barbecue also happens to make one of the best chicken-fried steaks in town.

Shady Grove Barton Springs Rd. Now, Drink Some Beer: Live Oak HefeWeizen, a wheat beer to beat the heat by one of the oldest breweries in town. Austin- ites love dogs like Chicagoans love corruption. Brahmale at the Whip In S. Anything brewed at Pinthouse Pizza Burnet Rd. Rogness Brewing was founded by the owner of Austin Home- brew Supply. Lamar The flagship store of the international natural- foods grocer is hands-down the best place to spot celebrities in Austin, from Ryan Gosling down by the watermelons to Gwyneth Paltrow possessing every frozen delicacy.

The Driskill Brazos Flome to both the breezy Cafe and the more upscale Grill, this is a great place to get a dose of Austin history while peeping the likes of Paula Deen and Lyle Lovett over a plate of tasty American cuisine.

Fifth A French bistro with twinkly lights and loads of restora- tion charm nestled into East Austin offers a full bar and late-night menu including escar- got, steak frites, duck confit, daily plates, and a kickass Royale burger.

La Mexicana Bakery S. First This hour, family-owned Mexican bakery and diner quenches late night cravings for authentic enchiladas rojas, breakfast tacos, and pan dulce. Thai Passion Congress An Asian oasis in the mayhem of Downtown, this gem serves legit Thai cuisine into the wee hours. Try the Tom Yum Firepot or the green curry and thank me later.

Go with the Spoiled Brat. Magnolia Cafe Lake Austin Blvd. Congress Everything about Magnolia screams Austin. Kerbey Lane five locations The quint- essential Austin diner serves fresh and delicious grub and embraces all that is our quirky community.

Kerbey specializ- es in many seasonal and local menu items with vegan options: They still have the Mad Dog Margarita and a whole slew of other tasty dishes, including an entire menu section dedi- cated to their chili: XXX, veggie, Frito Pie, and more.

Casino El Camino E. Sixth Keeping the best parts of dark and surly pub life alive and well, their famous burgers, famous jukebox, and plenty of booze make the wait worth every minute. Thunder Heart Bison Trailer E. Sixth , is a small, white-tiled spot with perfect seafood and a small but incredibly well chosen wine list. High- rollers will enjoy the Champagne and caviar. We go nuts for the bread!

El Naranjo 85 Rainey , is very much a tra- ditional Mexican restaurant, but similar to one you would find in a major Mexican city; chic, with modern furnishings and a menu that celebrates the best of Oaxacan cuisine.

Fino San Gabriel , offers modern Mediterranean food in servings from tapas-size to full dinner portions. Excellent drinks and wine list. Ask for one of their romantic patio seats. La Condesa W. Second , is Downtown in the middle of all the action. The cozy interior and warm service are the perfect backdrop for an inventive menu that seldom strays far from tradition.

Seventh , has a full menu, but trust us, get the pork chop. The fancy steak-house vibe and trophy wine list can push a bill pretty high, but, oh my God, that pork chop! Vino Vino Guadalupe , started life as a wine shop and has morphed into a reliable wine bar with inventive food and superb service, all in a bright, fun atmo- sphere that welcomes all who love wine. They still serve some traditional German dish- es alongside nachos, burgers, and more. These days you must go inside, but there is a floor.

This is Tex-Mex at its purest: Breakfasts, burg- ers, grilled cheese, ice cream, and fountain drinks are best enjoyed on a counter stool.

Onion rings, wings, fries, milkshakes, and blue plate specials are available, but the star items remain the messy, fresh-beef, oddly named burgers. This unassuming cinder-block drive-in contains the same venerable equip- ment that generates the same freshly made products. Hot doughnuts start rolling at 8: The Tavern W. The upgraded interi- or now sports 50 screens, craft beers, and a menu of snacks, sandwiches, burgers, and plate lunches.

No booze, no vegetables, no frills, no credit cards. Current owner Carol Huntsberger cele- brated the recent 75th anniversary with major expansions of the space and menu. Go for oysters, Gulf shrimp, and Cajun- and Creole- influenced seafood dishes. Definitive Tex-Mex chile con queso here: North Loop Quesos Asados is the way to go here: Add rajas strips of roasted poblano peppers and housemade pork cho- rizo for a decadent start. Black Sheep Lodge S. Be sure to get the salsa, and, to take it all the way, add a scoop of housemade chili.

El Patio Guadalupe Serving up classic Tex-Mex for nearly 60 years, this chile con queso is a tribute to un-fussiness - classic, drippy goodness in a bowl. North Loop Long recognized as one of the finest Mexican restaurants in the country, Fonda combines fabulous Interior Mexican food with a muse- um-quality folk art collection and a relaxing and colorful ambience.

Mary This little neighbor- hood place serves authentic Thai food made with organic, locally-sourced ingredients. It also boasts a full coffee bar and a gluten-free bakery case.

The Frisco Shop Burnet Rd. The last bastion of a thriving restaurant empire, the Frisco is pure Texas diner, complete with amazing chicken-fried steak and wonderful homemade pies. Fabulous for American breakfast. The Noble Pig N. Like a deli in heaven. Well Pub E. El Meson S. Lamar; Burleson Rd. A relative newcomer on South Lamar, but already a byword for authentic regional Mexican cuisine and lavish tequila bar.

Lamar not only source milk, cream, and eggs locally but also the fruits, vegetables, and herbs used to create their distinctive flavors. Miles of Chocolate One bite of this dense chocolate brownie-truffle hybrid will make your eyes roll back in your head with plea- sure; good thing local retailers carry this delectable local treat.

First but their selection also includes decadent belt- busters; the vegan doughnuts from Red Rabbit Cooperative are righteous and delicious, and the old-school goodies from Mrs. Annie and Elizabeth Street Cafe S. First both fea- ture the ethereal French delicacies. Cuisine whk-iu you iAn, find vegetarian, vega n and glut eft -free foods without Losing taste and flavor!

William and the Windmill D: We Always Lie to Strangers D: Short Term 12 D: Ellen Is Leaving D: Michelle Savill ; Honorable Mention: Sarah Gertrude Shapiro ; Honorable Mention: Loves Her Gun D: Then sit under the stars and take in some film favorites with us for free.

Is This the End of Art? People love cat videos; give the people what they want. In any event, ICCF created a social spec- tacle wherein, just for a moment, everyone holds the same kinds of resources in com- mon - cat videos. A couple bugbears of serious- ness: No doubt some development person at the Walker is still scratching his or her head like that butt-scratching cat we saw.

Not that money or critical art-world praise is anything more than particularized measures of success. Weinberg asked how the captains use social media to control their images after living and re-living each crab season. The captains also contended with the role of social media in the wake of the death of Captain Phil Harris from complications follow- ing a massive stroke in early Walker stars as Nolan, a husband whose wife is rushed to the hospital with complications from childbirth while Hurricane Katrina bears down on New Orleans.

Suddenly a single father to a new- born who can only breathe with the help of a ventilator, Nolan finds himself alone and rely- ing on a hand-cranked generator to keep his baby alive while the world breaks down out- side the hospital walls.

Still, as a purely cin- ematic experience, Hours finds every drop of tension in its compelling plot. Not at all the easy lark intimated in opening scenes, Swim Little Fish Swim unfurls into a sensitive and alert exploration of com- plicated relationship dynamics. Haldeman, John Ehrlichman A real crowd-pleaser, this, with something for anyone harboring a still-smoldering fasci- nation with our Nixon and his Watergate saga. He was just using public data to make a very educated guess.

Still, at one point in late , Google search trends showed Nate Silver was more popular than Joe Biden, a fun fact illustrated via a col- orful PowerPoint presentation. On his New York Times blog, FiveThirtyEight, and in his book, The Signal and the Noise, Silver makes a case for data as a valuable intuitive tool, one that can predict everything from elections to flu epidemics.

He also addressed the downside of too much information. Kasparov, known for thinking 15 moves ahead of an opponent, was flummoxed by a Deep Blue move and took this as a sign of superior intelligence.

In fact, the program had a bug; Kasparov simply gave his competitor too much credit. Silver also explained how GPS can mislead us with a false signal, making a case for intuition ver- sus technology.

Sometimes intuition is right. With more than 1. A true believer in the power of human connections and the genius of community, Booker participates in real-time communication with his constituents.

A fraction of his lead-by-examples: Covering an enormous range of cur- rently relevant topics including education, the prison system, marriage equality, wages, and oligarchy of government and media, Booker employed humor and history.

He referred to his work as a conspiracy of love and called the audience to action: The latter were seized during the Watergate investigation and were recently noticed sitting on the shelves of the National Archive. Lewis Wednesday, March 13, 9: She passes quietly in their family home, tucked away in a wooded, planned community that itself becomes a central character, with its distinct feel of alpine retreat crossed with country club.

Against this surreal - and stunningly shot - backdrop of isolation and immersion, continued on p. Vary, senior film report- er at BuzzFeed, tried his best to draw compar- isons between the Whedon of The Avengers and the Whedon of Ado, but the consensus from both Whedon and the cast was that the two are essentially the same. Blash mixes the literal and metaphorical like an unapologetic metallurgist, at times achieving heights of artistic ecstasy that sear disparate sequences into the mind like untethered fever dreams.

This film is not comfortable for the viewer with a low tolerance for ambiguity or the desire for guidance on what to feel. And of course, neither is grief. Always the consum- mate professional, McConaughey was crisp and breezy, genuine and romantic, and never overly sentimental.

McConaughey was consistently engaging, but the conversation was at its best when the actor focused on method and craft. Truly, this project was des- tined for success as surely as its star-crossed lovers were for each other. Others know Broughton, the poet, whose work presaged the Beat Generation. McConaughey spoke candidly about his transition away from romantic comedies and familiar roles and toward more challeng- ing work. Flowever, she seemingly undercut the whole idea of national standard when arguing that the complaints about movie ratings were distinct by region: The South is tougher on bad language, while major cities tend to worry more about violence.

Fie challenged it on inconsis- tency, saying: A few are even aware of Broughton because of the liaison he had with Pauline Kael in the late Forties that produced a child, whom Kael would raise alone. The Adventures of James Broughton.

Co-directors Slade and Silha interview a vast number of people who were friends and supporters of Broughton and his work during these various 52 the Austin chronicle MARCH 15, austinchronicle. Vincenzo Natali, director of Haunter, recalled growing up under the restrictive Ontario Censor Board. Travis Stevens of Snowfort Pictures put it simply: Apparently, county and city codes commonly establish a lower limit for allowable square footage of homes, with square feet being a typical minimum.

A Story About Living Small co-director and star Christopher Smith - tend to build on wheels, so that their abodes fall under RV rules rather than those for buildings with foundations. These houses are often constructed with reclaimed materials; outfitted with gray water systems, composting toilets, and solar pan- els; and designed by creative, forward-looking architects.

As such, their selling points rest comfortably in a nexus of affordability, sus- tainability, and aesthetic appeal. They tend to be darling, almost like tiny Disney cottages; they also tend to allow the natural landscape around them to take a starring role.

Owned by Kyra Deprez of Austin com- pany Boardwalk Cleaning, the house serves as office space but is cur- rently on sale and outfit- ted for would-be dwellers.

A tiny house not only underscores our many options but offers an alternative way to fit in to just about any of them. Tiny houses may be small, but their implications are anything but. Through their recollections, an integrated portrait begins to emerge of Broughton, who died in , and of the inspirational role he played in the American arts in the latter half of the 20th century. Indeed, Dekker embodies that principle: After battling at 14 with Dutch offi- cials for her right to do so, last year, at 16, Dekker became the youngest person ever to have sailed solo around the world.

It is about a private, resource- ful, and insightful young woman determined to accomplish a dream. Tasted, chosen and handpicked by the loud, the savvy and the famous, at bars and festivals across the nation. And then, dressed in black. What else do you need to know about your next 96 hours on the ground here? Some old haunts have shuttered: Be especially nice to our service industry people, since half of them populate the acts you came to see. Let it run away with you. His pas- sion for music propelled this festival to its current level of notoriety, so expect many tributes to him this week, including some from his favorite onetime charges, the True Believers, who re-formed in the wake of his death and play several shows this week.

What Austin offers that few cities any- where else can: At the center sit more stages running nightly than even we can count. Here, an in-depth photo study of the influential local songwriter by his friend Jung Kim. The free event runs pm at E.

The local quartet, which hosts the annual Austin Psych Fest at the end of April, drops its fourth full-length, Indigo Meadow, earlier that month. The Syfy spoof stars Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci as incapable ghostbusters and features cameos from execu- tive producer Black and Val Kilmer, who has a special connection with Austin after going nuts onstage with the Black Lips at Fun Fun Fun Fest last year for a film by local director of legend Terrence Malick.

We hope Pick of Destiny collaborator Dave Grohl sits in. Zzoorrcchh hits this summer. Booker Graham Williams says he and co-conspirator Sean Carlson are simply too busy, but hope to bring it back next year when they have a perfect spot and more free time. Why would Tom Waits, iconic songwriting genius, want to come to Austin and play for free in a 1,capacity venue?

Not only did it make little sense for this folk hero, who almost never performed live, to play a festival of baby bands, but the offer from his manager came just two weeks before the session. SXSW Executive Director Roland Swenson, the pragmatist, worried about adding extra work to an already exhausted staff and huge production expenses. When he took charge of booking the music in , there were acts. Within five years that total doubled. Last year, more than 2, acts played official showcases on stages.

Demand for tickets was so high that one die-hard fan gained entry during the day by dressing as a maid and was found hiding in a closet just before showtime. For once, Grulke and Swenson turned off their radios and took their seats in an opera box overlooking the stage.

Saturday at midnight beats the heart of SXSW hardest. Last year, more than 2, acts - almost a third from outside the U. More music, more music, more music.

That was mostly the doing of Grulke, who traveled around the world in the off-season - to Korea, Chile, France - to get more coun- tries to feel that SXSW was where you showed the world your indigenous musi- cal charm. How Will the Wolf Survive? With the start of every new year, SXSW becomes a stress factory for decision mak- ers.

Grulke met it head-on with a goofy laugh, even in early March. His easygoing personality helped make SXSW a friendly, music-first type of industry juggernaut. Unflappable, egoless, handsome, and nerdy - that was Brent. Austin had a big crush on him. A fan of good food and wine. A fan of women and continued on p. The Boss is actually tickling Grulke. Someone who sought out the best in life, especially music.

Many of us ended up where we are today because we heard some songs on the radio when we were kids. We wanted to be in the middle of that magic, even if the guitar strings hurt our fingers, so we looked for other ways.

He liked music loud and mixed sound accordingly. All of a sudden there were all these bands. Wanna test your passion for music? Go on tour in a van with a marginally known band. Believe me, most of us would cry mommy within days.

When the True Believers completely kicked ass, Grulke was there with the kudos, full of faith and belief in a band so full of doubt. There was absolutely no money for anybody, so Grulke volunteered as stage manager at the Continental Club that first year, when some acts played 15 venues. Grulke was also the Chronicle music editor during that time.

When the marriage broke up, he moved to L. Brent had this way of going on about a band. He dedicated his life to supporting those whose music he admired. It was never about money, except that when he started making some it allowed him to buy more records, more guitars. That first SXSW there were regis- trants. This year, just the music portion of the Fest will have over 19, badge hold- ers.

Those coming to SXSW to make it big are missing the point. First you learn to become a professional, and then you never stop. Should we buy a house or rent? Fix the car or buy a new one? You need a sounding board. Grulke and Swenson were that for each other.

Then I realized what he really loved was the party. Grulke became the enemy of comments sections after he declared in an interview that SXSW was designed as an event for the music industry, not the general public. He was SXSW, the best part of it. Last July, in the midst of the Olympics, Grulke and Swenson were invited by the British government to attend a symposium of international movers and shakers in an opulent building on the Buckingham Palace complex.

Howard Stringer, then chairman of the board of Sony, spoke as Champagne was served. Grulke and Swenson met in the Eighties when they had to check under seat cush- ions for money to buy a cheeseburger, and here they were in a room with other arts industry elite.

Those who knew Brent Grulke remember it well. Congress Ave Austin, TX roland mediatech. MediaTech can not guarantee employment or sal www. Austin TX, austinchronicle. A virtuoso of rage and restlessness, Cave changes chameleon colors once again in this meditation on aging and modern life. Chicago siblings Natalie and Elliot Bergman weave reggae influences into an indie rock ethos on a debut preoccupied with matters of the heart.

Sounding like it was recorded in a musty shoebox, II nonethe- less overflows with tweaky charm. If Taylor can stay honest and vulnerable while the band matures musically, they have the potential to do great things. Cafe Tacuba, granted, only two decades vested, happily picks up the mantle.

Twenty- year-old Sky Ferreira got chewed up by the majors, so she took the high road and set out on her own. But things change, and a label like Greedhead makes it a sticking point to giving the world new voices.

Four songs, mostly instrumental, come from collaboration with longtime partner and fellow-producer Boody. Instead of the bounce and twerk, Liquid keeps it mighty subtle, offering nocturnal, narcotized amniotic journeys rather than party rap. It may be slightly disappointing after a raucous , but Leif knows that predict- ability is death. Imagine Radiohead pogo, Animal Collective hooks, Rockwell in tune. Recorded at home, and in Buenos Aires, Chile, and L.

Welcome to the nube cloud. Burning Days finds the pair leading a group that expands upon what worked so well before, primarily the vocal interplay between the front- men and the elan of their youthful storytelling. Their off- spring never learned the difference. Jonathan Rado and Sam France mesh Sgt.

At times recalling the equally vocally challenged Gram Parsons, Romano shows off the ability to mimic the tradition- al, while not really capturing its essence.

Unfortunately, he sounds like a forlorn youngster wearing his heart on his sleeve. As the name implies, the Nashville quartet sings of its Christian faith, but not to the point where it dominates their sound.

A performance in the office of music mogul Seymour Stein led this North Carolina sextet to a deal with Sire. Over- earnest, juvenile, ready-made for a Disney movie. A shame, that, since The Soul of Spain finds their moody 3am rock sounding stronger than in its Nineties heyday. Placing its collective heart on its sleeve without fanfare, Spain drains the melodrama from emo to make love beautiful again.

Veteran Aussie producer Tom Larkin Calling All Cars develops a sound too airy and clean for the fivepiece from Sydney to qualify as pure grun- ge, but these hard rockers have chops. Twin guitars from Mark Barnes and Ben Kinsela and pile-driving beats from Tommy Hansen - Michael Toland buttress the snarling, radio-ready vocals of Ben Britten, who likely still has a few Chris Cornell posters in his cave.

Noisy Vancouver quartet White Lung fash- ion serrated hard- core out of rain- soaked squall. Sophomore album Sorry lasts an appetizing 19 minutes; anything more might melt the plastic. Scene-anointed punk might be a pretty-boy club but Sorry quakes the ground underneath our tentative feet: There are cleaner, prettier albums, with more candor and a greater point of view, but White Lung makes few apologies.

It needs a soundtrack. Hailing from the hardscrabble town of Como, Mississippi, the mamas in question are Ester Mae Smith and sisters Della Daniels and Angela Taylor, whose powerful a cappella harmonies carry the weight. The album follows Daptone compilation Como Now: The Voices of Panola Co. Recorded in the song-catcher mold by Michael Reilly, you can hear the occasional cough and throat-clearing, but the warts are few and far between.

With brother the Rev. Over the course of three LPs, the Philly four have turned tantrums about ice cream and scrapbooking into noise-rock anthems with all the subtlety of a falling anvil. Buddy Miller in the producer seat allows Thompson some breathing room, plus the trio of guitar, bass, and drums gives the material just enough ambiance to fulfill its innate power.

Although Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell today celebrate long, successful careers, they always wanted to record together, and nearly 40 years on comes Old Yellow Moon. The project gave them the opportunity to record - and in a couple of cases revisit - songs they meant to cut along the way but never got around to.

In fact, Alt-J remains a bespectacled quartet of former Leeds University art stu- dents who spent their spare time crafting beautiful melodies between classes.

In a seri- ous nod to nerd-dom, the band name derives from the Mac keyboard shortcut for the Greek letter delta, symbolizing change. If that seems a tad overwrought, so too will the litany of lit- erary and cinematic references and the bizza- re nasal garble of singer Joe Newman that occasionally borders on unintelligible. No mat- ter, it all works somehow. The lingering undertones of voracious Memphis garage- rock primitivism. Lead Eater Seth Sutton accompanied the late Jay Reatard on his final tour, and the sneering, tossed-off ambience of Hypertension bears unmistakable evidence of that association.

Consider alternate modes of transportation. Please do not park in residential neighborhoods as you will be towed. Personal umbrellas, under 17" in diameter, are allowed. Food and beverage items made only for consumption by children under 5 years of age. Auditorium Shores Stage Sponsors: As the music industry continues folding in on itself, the mixtape focuses the buzz without sucking up capital. Braided, skeevy, and pallid-white, Riff Raff thrives in reckless absurdity. Lauren sounds rich, lording over smoky, velvet rooms.

His 10th LP hearkens more to the robust Seventies soft rock that he explored with , and likewise reunites him with producer Brad Jones. Between shorter song lengths and the centrality of vocals, the album flirts with pop-oriented accessibility on several occa- sions. Just as before, the high points require no words. Workmanlike from start to finish, only the brain-stretchers bear lasting distinction.

Helmed by longtime producer Dave Fridmann between Heady Fwends collabora- tions, The Terror possesses a distinct, late- night afterglow, stretching 54 minutes across nine tracks. At 77, he still blows his golden alto sax. Witness Walk With Me, an imported mix of new and re-recorded num- bers by the Jamaican legend and his seven cohorts, finally available stateside.

Muchacho, however, shifts the focal point to his pained songwriting and commanding band. A decade in, the Brooklyn transplant continues survey- ing his back roads of New Weird America: Phosphorescent makes new inroads on Muchacho as well, with expertly sequenced bookends and sparse electronics.

Vincent shredding guitar on acid. Marnia, a fantasy as daunting as it is revela- tory. With April full-length Nineties, the quartet takes another turn in era homage. Addicted to pre- scription medicines and alcohol, Billie J Armstrong spiraled i of control for the better part of two years, culminating in a violent meltdown at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas last September. The resulting trilogy offers 37 shades of PG punk rock that finds the Oakland trio desperately trying to rekindle the definitive delinquency of early classics Dookie and Kerplunk.

It takes guts to be this open, the L. Toronto-born Mike Milosh unravels a feathery, helium croon. Woman celebrates the fundamentals of sexuality. In this digital age, mixtapes a nostalgic misnomer too often feel like afterthoughts, the contemporary equivalent of CD-Rs unceremoniously discarded after a few listens. Soul Sisters Stand Up! Despite the material, the pair treats soul 45s like inch hip-hop singles, expertly scratching, juggling, mixing, and highlighting monster breaks and countless familiar samples along the way.

If hope exists for humanity, this will be bump- ing at backyard barbecues in the year The year- old Montreal songwriter stays in shady ambiguity on debut album 2. He sings about weed, he sings about a bad father, he sings about doing nothing until it stops being fun. The balmy regularity of his guitar might be his only friend. DeMarco writes songs to figure out his own personal truth. It feels real, from his cigarette-scorched throat to the drifting, occasionally out-of-tune guitar.

Gardner, a year-old Dutch multi-instrumentalist play- ing everything but the drums here, goes deep down the rabbit hole of psychedelic pastiche. Even so, he never completely surrenders his own voice. Alex Edkins, Hayden Menzies, and Chris Slorach come up with a dissonant but catchy riff, add a couple of clashing chords, and give it all a frenzied beating for two to three minutes.

Along with drummer Dash Hutton, the three Haim sisters make percussion-heavy harmoniz- ing that leaves a clear impression despite the three-song Forever EP being their only release. Liberation and noisy calibration still drive the on-hiatus Youth. Flexing old-school muscle, the post-punk guitar god and underrated wordsmith name-checks junky beatnik William S. Settle instead for a New York state of mind.

Records When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth stomps a wild rumpus of double everything - guitars, bass, drums, and shriek. Shards of song - chug- ging, chopping riffs, and gang vocals just below the red line of clang - wind out not in length but in a progressive tangle of end runs that often build to jet engine density.

Insert appendage into electrical socket here. Wright, and Ann Peebles - you get a record that sounds like Al Green on acid. The vocals are wildly off-key throughout - often to hilarious effect - but the brothers Hodges Teenie, Leroy, and Charles and com- pany cook up some serious stank-faced funk and have a damn good time doing it. Keeping it low-key suits the tunes, which layer on melody. Wild Chorus fits as warm and comfortable as your favor- ite sweater.

For FAQs about submitting a listing, contact info, deadlines, and an online submission form, go to austinchronicle. M p,14 H Civics 2 p. The Neverending Story Alamo Slaughter , Public Schools Forum St. Repo Man Alamo Ritz, Swingers Alamo Ritz, 7: Taxi Driver Alamo Ritz, 7: The risk team eventually learned that sensitive company information was flowing to and from Chinese terminals, leading the company to suspect hackers, but that traffic was merely the U.

An ordinary brothel would be illegal in the town of Milton Keynes 45 miles from London , but Becky Adams insists that the government could not shut hers down without illegally discriminating against the disabled. Advances in the Service Sector: The women must be prepared to endure men hovering closely to read the ads. Normally, devout women wear nail polish only during their menstrual periods, when the hand-washing is not required, but polish thus signals menstruation and therefore embar- rasses modest women.

The answer is that the beetles need to roll their treasures away from the heap as quickly as possible lest competitors swipe them and that they can best maintain a straight line away by celestial navigation. To test the hypothesis, researchers actually outfitted some beetles with tiny visors to block their view of the sky, and those beetles mostly rolled their balls in irregular routes, whereas the sky-searching beetles moved in straight lines.

Japanese researchers learned recently that a species of sea slug may lose its penis after copulating, but then grow another one and use it the next time the occasion arises. Writing in the British journal Biology Letters, the scientists also found that the slugs have both male and female organs and in effect copulate with each other through a simultaneous hook-up. In the Czech Republic, per-oapita beer con- sumption is twice that in the United States, and competition is such that some beers are priced lower than any other beverage, including water.

The brewery Pizensky Prazdroj delivers beer in tanker trucks that in the U. Police said Merriweather had been accused of a similar incident at a different employment agency a few days earlier.

The faithful were rewarded, though, as the dove, though wounded, managed to elude the irreligious predator. Visit Chuck Shepherd daily at www. Send your weird news to: Check our web- site austinchronicle. It has a unicorn on it. Thanks for giving us a reason to share all this big, warm friendly, inclusive, accepting, ballz-out gay-as- tomatoes list of fabulous queerness. Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter, W. Chain Drive, Willow, March 11, March 14, 9: Stateside at the Paramount, Congress, Paramount Theatre, Congress, Violet Crown Cinema, W.

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Ou Monday evening at 8 o'clock, President George B. Cromer of New. berry .. work-bouses, bar rooms and brothels are filled with people wbo don't attend. 15 Mar SMARTY PANTS CLASSIFIEDS FREE WILL ASTROLOGY PUBLISHER the Austin chronicle 3 THE PREMIER MOTORCYCLE RACING was the site for a gro- cery, a steak restaurant, and a speakeasy/ brothel. CPB- 1 styled Estate of Alice Cromer Long, Deceased, (the. Hot Gossip Melbourne - Prostitutes, Cheapest Brothels Melbourne - At Hot Gossip, we pride ourselves on the superior quality of our adult services in Melbourne.

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